Union & West End Cemetery Association


The Union & West End Cemetery is maintained by an all-volunteer staff. Individuals and a few organizations help to maintain the 19.6 acres of the cemetery, which consists of 2,500 lots, each with space for 10 graves. The operation of the Cemetery is managede by the officers and directors (all volunteers) and is financed solely by private grants and indiviual contributions.

The Union and West End Cemetery Association does not have the original burial records. Our ability to research reconstructed records, such as surveys of stones, in an attempt to find grave locations, is limited. Volunteers will search the records available and will convey the information that is available. These searches are not always succesful.

A fee of $10.00 is required for the volunteers to perform a search of the records for individual graves or family lots. The fee is non-refundable whether the search produces results or not. If a grave site is located and the requestor wishes to have digital photos sent by e-mail, an additional $10.00 fee will be required. This fee should not be sent with the original request. If it is possible to provide photos of the family grave site, the cemetery association will request the additional fee.

Volunteers cannot perform any services beyond a search of the existing records. That search is limited to providing the information readfily available to the staff. We are not in a position to perform any type of genealogical research of local government, library or historical society records.




I request information on the location of the following deceased:

Name of Deceased:

Last Name:________________________________________________

First Name: ______________________________________________

Date of Death: ________________________________________________

Name of person holding Deed to the Lot: _______________________

Lot Number, if known: __________ Union [ ] West End [ ]

Person making request:
Name: ______________________________________

Address: ___________________________________

City & State: ________________________________

Telephone: ___________________________________

E-mail Address: ______________________________

Please enclose a non-refundable fee of $10.00 and mail to:

Ms. Barbara L. Miller, President
2119 West Washington Street
Allentown, PA 18104-4036 610-435-4729