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Hurricane Sandy


Hurricane Sandy passed through the Lehigh Valley on Monday, October 25, 2012. This was a powerful hurricane that slammed into New Jersey and New York States with unfathomed strength and power. The damage was enormous and devastating.

The storm continued inland into Pennsylvania continuing its large path of mayhem and destruction. Many in the Lehigh Valley lost power for a week or more. The Union and West End Cemetery was not spared Sandy's wrath. The 157 year old historic cemetery contains many large trees that have been in place for well over a hundred years. A number of recent storms had already taken a toll on the aging trees: Hurricane Irene past through in August, 2011 and then there was the October, 2011 Snow Storm, with all the leaves on the trees, that unseasonable snow storm caused a great deal of damage to the cemetery's ancient trees. Then there was an unnamed storm earlier in 2012 that caused significant damage. It was not so much that during any of these storms that entire trees came down; for the most part, the damage was caused by large limbs breaking away from the trunks, taking out smaller limbs as they plummeted to the ground. Some of the larger limbs were bigger than the average tree trunks.

As bad as these previous storms were; Hurricane Sandy was ten times as bad as far as the cemetery is concerned. Once again, the trees are so old and so huge that they did not fall; otherwise the damage would have been even more extensive. The tree roots go very deep so it is rare for an entire 140 foot tall tree to come down. However large limbs did split away from their trunks. Some trunks splintered from the strain that the wind placed on them. The result was very large limbs crashing to the ground and taking down everything it their path.

To view a slideshow of the devastation made on Tuesday, October 30, 2012, click on the link below:

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